My special day. My Paperiette.

Agata Boruta Paperiette

Agata Boruta, designer

I am not a princess. I don’t sing with the birds and the squirrels, I don’t prick with the spindle, I don’t eat poisonous apples neither I don’t serve my half-sisters (probably because I don’t have them).

But there are days in which I want my relatives to feel like a royal family and me to feel like the princess at the most beautiful ball. White custom-made dress, table decorations selected carefully, menus prepared by an excellent chef and the music, which grips the hearts of all my guests. My wedding must be like from a fairy tale!

And the wedding is just the beginning, because there are also other events: my godchild’s First Communion, my mother’s fiftieth birthday or the Golden Wedding of the grandparents are special moments that deserve a special setting.

I created Paperiette (a little bit egocentric) for people like me. Those who care about the details, because they know that it is because of them that the most beautiful moments will be remembered.  From those who dream about the most important days like from a romantic fairy tale to those who in a few years will show their wedding remembrance proudly to their children, and will be saying, ‘It was my special day, honey and these are my wedding invitations, my Paperiette.